Diary Of an Ibadan Girl: Entry 5

Dear diary, I promised to fill you up with entries about the events of my life. But Alas, my performance has fallen below par. Sigh. I hope that my inadequacies shall be overlooked this time and I be allowed to continue to write in peace.   I've had the busiest past weeks ever! Two of... Continue Reading →

Diary Of an Ibadan Girl: Entry 4

Hola! reader :), Before you continue, If you didn't read my last entry, kindly click here.     Throwback to One day earlier: "Morenike!" "Morenike o!" "Ah ah, shey ko si’nle ni?" "Is she not home?" "Morenike!" One must be wandering who it was that shouted my name this way. The same thought ran through my... Continue Reading →

Losing Spree

First, I lost the hook to my nose ring, A birthday gift from my old man, Fell down the drain into the sink.   Later I lost one of my treasured books, While in transit aboard a long vehicle, Lost between stops.   Then came the loss of a sum, One night at the slum,... Continue Reading →


The night my ayeeyo died, I could not be with her, For reasons that I till date regret, Shortly after her demise, Habooba’s old goat put to bed, It was a fine young doe, Be-adorned with beaut right from the womb, One day, as I sat by Maami’s tomb, Brooding as I sang dirge tunes, ‘Angelina’... Continue Reading →


Alohomora Open up to thee, Hear the words that thee speak, And grant all that thee seek. Homenum revelio Show thyself, Uncover the face behind thy veil, That thee may grace thy face. Lumos maxima Let there be light, That the dark may be banished, And the ghosts of thy past may vanish. Legilimens Allow... Continue Reading →


Kiss Me back to life, Or send me back to heaven. Either ways, Just lay your lips on mine. Swallow the spit from my glands, And drink from the tap of my mouth. Rile up my thoughts, Drive me crazy with the thrust of your tongue, As you move inside and out of my core,... Continue Reading →


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